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Full Version: USPSA @ Colorado Rifle Club
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CRC is about 18 miles North of Byers. I'm planning on shooting my first match of the year there on March 8th. Last year I think I only shot 2 matches and would like to get back into it this year.

Anyone else planning on hitting matches this year?
I have never fired in a shooting match and would probably not fare too well. But would be interested in checking it out to see what it is like.
What I would like to see in Colorado is a "Hogan's Alley" style of range built where you have various scenarios that make you choose your target in the "split-second" required for combat shooting. I have been through one in training and managed to get "killed" only a couple of times. It was lots of fun, but very scary because the referee can call the shot for the bad guy and you have to decide whether or not the target if friend or foe in a combat scenario. The cool thing is a "Hogan's Alley" could be outside with false front structures with windows, doors and old vehicles as hiding places. The outside location would allow for live ammunition or inside an old building with boxes and things just randomly strewn about to allow the "bad guy" plenty of hiding places. This would be a laser range because of the chance of ricochet and damage to the building structure.
Did they cancel the match? I didn't see any matches going on. It was a pretty muddy out there.

My buddy and I were out there for a little while but the wind was brutal. Going out this Saturday to shoot long range rifle. Probably going to watch some of the steel challenge.
I dont know about that match but, the 22lr steel dogs match that I was going to at crc was canceled due to mud today.
Saw that on the website. The mud on the silhouette range was pretty ugly.
I didn't bother to go. Knew they'd shut down.

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