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Full Version: Everytown for Gun Safety.
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It bothers me that more people aren't talking about this group and coming up with ways to combat them. Here is their FB page.

If you haven't heard of this group, they are led by a PR woman named Shannon Watts who has turned anti-gun activist/Bloomberg shill. The problem is they are gaining ground.

The title of the group sounds great. Heck, I'm all for gun safety. However, safety is not what the goal they are after. They are after a complete firearms ban. They repeatedly twist statistics to further their agenda. They are the ones urging companies to ban the carry of firearms on their property. They have organized letter writing and postcard campaigns to senators begging for more control.
You know the anti-gun claims are garbage when CNN debunks them. Trouble is CNN didn't go far enough to making a correction.

Quote: First the good news: Ashley Fantz, Lindsey Knight and Kevin Wang at CNN did a very good job this morning in an online writeup debunking Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun group's claim "that there have been 74 school shootings in the past 18 months."

The bad news is that the web page still contains the CNN video which aired the Bloomberg claim without challenging it, thereby continuing to give it credibility.

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I like how they disable comments and ratings on the videos they make. The following video is somehow supposed to convey the need for background checks.

I understand that these things like the scenario in the video happen and I blame parents and groups like everytown for them happening. Inadequate or no safety training is the cause of these instances.

Preventing Unintentional Child Gun Deaths

Even if the information they are giving is true it doesn't make a difference to me. More laws are not going to help. Telling someone they have to lock their gun up doesn't mean they will do it. Training is the solution here. We need to stop telling people they need to keep their firearms out of sight and out of reach. Not having interaction and training with firearms is what causes children to be drawn to touch and fondle.
(06-25-2014, 03:38 PM)Beau Wrote: [ -> ]...Not having interaction and training with firearms is what causes children to be drawn to touch and fondle.

Right on, anything that you make “off limits” becomes a kid magnet. When you take them out shooting it removes the mystery.
(06-25-2014, 05:47 PM)Highwayman Wrote: [ -> ]Right on, anything that you make “off limits” becomes a kid magnet. When you take them out shooting it removes the mystery.

"Dont push the red button". Exactly

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I started my kids training at the same time. Daughter was four, son was three. We go over rules regularly. I take them shooting. They both know that if they want to see or hold any firearm I own all they have to do is ask. They know what to do if they are at a friends house and another kid starts playing with a gun or if they find one lying around.

I could place 50 loaded guns in every room of my house, strewn about and I can guarantee the only thing that would happen is my kids would yell at me for leaving my stuff lying around. Well, my son would probably ask if I could show him a few of them.
Shannon's latest fail.   Wallbash Wallbash  This woman is a horrible person. She cares nothing for facts, only for pushing her agenda with lies.

In my memory there is a father who taught his 8-year-old son to shoot a shotgun as a "real man". It turns out that a real man is the only one who can shoot. This is especially dangerous. To realize their peaceful abilities at the proper level to the child seems very problematic.
That’s a confusing hodgepodge of a post.

Are you pointing out that this one person is sexist? If so, no argument. Are you pointing out that all male shooters are sexist? Then we have a BIG disagreement.

Are you saying that shooting guns is not peaceful? Or compromises “peaceful abilities”? Then, again, we have a big disagreement.

The firearm owners I know are some of the most peaceful people I’ve ever met. They’re willing to walk away from a confrontation. Take insults. None will initiate violence. But bring violence to them and they will defend themselves. Being willing to defend your life in the face of a deadly threat is not the definition of “not peaceful” (sorry about the double negative, but it had to be stated that way).