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Full Version: Poll asking about background checks.
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I created this poll and would like to spread it around. Please vote and share the poll. Thanks.
Did anyone vote in this?
I did.

Only 137 votes. smh
(12-05-2014, 11:49 AM)Beau Wrote: [ -> ]Only 137 votes. smh

I didn't...because I don't know how I feel about "background checks," however that's defined.

I mean how else do we keep criminals (felons) from legitimately buying guns at a gun store -- or from a private party? I know *I* sure wouldn't want to (unknowingly) sell a gun to someone who SEEMS to be a nice/normal guy, but is actually a felon!

Looks can be deceiving, yes? Ted Bundy, anyone?

So I wasn't able to choose one of the 3 responses...

BTW, 137 votes is really a LOT if they all came from this forum (as moribund as it is). I'd expect way less that 137 votes/137 people responding here.
A Scenario: I bought a gun and the person behind the counter is running my application. After 15 minutes, I'm clear and I mosey around the store some more. There is a guy getting his background check and he is told he failed. For me, I take it that he was denied. And rightly so. That's one less shit bag who isn't allowed to buy a gun.