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Full Version: AR15 VS AK47 - old argument - but different
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So, we have talked and read and watched videos about AR15 vs AK47. The question was...Which one shall I buy?

Well, I answered that question by buying both.....HOWEVER....

I now find myself in a pickle. Ya see, I have just recently been laid off. No income...
So now the question is, ((i HATE THIS QUESTION))) What shall I sell?

Here are the candidates.

Arsenal AK47 - milled receiver - Stock
WASR AK47 - stamped received but new grey and black laminated stock
Ruger SR556-E - Diamond Head flip up sites, low profils heat shields, bipod, carry handle

Or should I bite the bullet and sell them all at once?


Keep the faith and keep the rifles?
Sell all to me for $500