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Full Version: SA, RRA, IFMA and Illinois
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Any thoughts on the crap going on in Illinois? 

I saw the CEO's video on YouTube, and believe that he's sincere about helping 2A causes going forward and his admittance of wrongdoing. However, I'm not really believing him when he says that they had no idea what IFMA was doing. Makes me leary about buying another SA product again. 
I haven't heard anything about it. Been hiding under a rock (working to much) lately to keep up.
As I had said earlier in another online forum ( when that article was posted, I also took RIA's "clarification statement" to be sincere and so RIA should get the benefit of the doubt.

But if it happens AGAIN, however, no pass given!
(05-21-2017, 09:42 PM)cloudcroft Wrote: [ -> ]As I had said earlier in another online forum ( when that article was posted, I also took RIA's "clarification statement" to be sincere and so RIA should get the benefit of the doubt.

But if it happens AGAIN, however, no pass given!

I assume you meant "RRA", instead of RIA.

The little bit I've seen from RRA leads me to never consider buying their product again. Springfield Armory, however, has made some pretty good public image efforts, including this video. In it, Dennis Reese accepts responsibility by virtue of negligence, and promises to step up their game. Time will tell. 

I've sent SA a message, saying that they need to really show action and a lot of transparency if they want to really recover from this.
Here's what I posted on another board about this debacle:


Reader’s digest version:

There’s a bill working its way through the process in Illinois that in a nutshell has the following provisions:

• State licensing scheme that prices most FFLS out of business at several thousand dollars a year. If 1/3 of the FFLs give up their license because of the cost, it’ll be more like $5,000 a year. If 2/3s give up their license, it’ll be around $10,000 a year. I other words it’s based on a fixed cost, divided up among the remaining FFLs. This license fee is applied to anyone with an FFL, including manufacturers. The more FFLs that fold, the more expensive it is for the remaining ones. Great way to destroy an entire class of business.

• Firearm rationing. If you don't have an FFL (and pay the fee) you can only buy AND sell 9 guns a year total.

SA and RRA had a lobbying organization. Of the four people in the lobbying organization, two were from SA, including Dennis Reese, one from RRA and the lobbyist. Their lobbyist was officially against the above bill (and kept several State Senators from voting yes) UNTIL the bill was amended to exempt manufacturers (can you say “SA and RRA carve out?”). At which point the lobbyist withdrew opposition and the bill sailed through the Senate and now a House committee and it’ll be voted on in the full House shortly. It’s well on its way to becoming law.

Some writer dug up this treachery, and even dug a bit further, finding out that the lobbying organization has been donating to anti-gun politicians for years. Yes, there’s a very clear paper trail due to lobbying laws in the state (as well as a few things legally lacking as well).

SA and RRA’s response has basically been: “We didn’t know”. I mean, you guys, you made up 3/4 of the organization!

My take: If they didn’t know, they’re incompetent. If they did know, they’re lying. And if this law passes it’s 100% SA and RRA’s fault, since it was blocked until THEIR lobbyist withdrew his objection upon SA and RRA getting a carve-out of the law.

It's called "Going full Zumbo"

(05-25-2017, 07:49 AM)JackRock Wrote: [ -> ]"I assume you meant "RRA", instead of RIA." -- JackRock

Yes, I meant RR (Rock River) and not RI (Rock Island) -- the 2 "Rocks" confused me! Sorry...

As for buying guns from any gun company in the foreseeable future -- RRA, SA or others -- I doubt it, as I already have (probably) more guns than I need already!

I DID (and unexpectedly) purchase an OC/CC carry gun recently -- a Sig-Sauer P238 Nitron -- but that was from a local Texas chain store ("Academy Sports") and I got it a couple of months after my TX CC permit arrived...which here in TX is required for OCing, too, so I HAD to get the permit as I OC 99.99% of the time.

Sadly though, the ONLY OCer I've seen here in El Paso, TX, is Yours Truly. :-(

Of course, my "Academy Sports Exclusive" Nitron model Sig (nicely-priced @ $519, BTW) came from Sig's factory in Exeter, NH...not sure where Sig-Sauer USA stands on issues like this but I've not heard of any "traitorous" rumblings there.

-- c