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Full Version: Real-World Uses For a Hi-Point
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I have never owned a Hi-Point myself, but have heard they are pretty durable/reliable guns, despite their "bottom-drawer" reputation and "awkward" appearance.

The main reason I wouldn't get one is I have too many handguns already, even if only one 9mm (a CZ-75 clone EAA Witness P-S FDE) I don't need another 9 mm.

Otherwise, if anyone had a very low gun budget, ONE gun I'd suggest is a Hi-Point...and another would be the same model Witness I have -- it was only $252 @ Tombstone Tactical (AZ)...a great deal for such a nice pistol, IMO...

But I'd hate to THROW it at someone...would probably miss and it'd get all scratched up on the pavement. :-(
Yeah, I just thought the video was hilarious. I picked up a Hi-Point at Tanner, and just HATED the feel.

Sure, it's better than a sharp stick, but still...

If I was on the hunt for a budget 9mm, I'd probably go with a Taurus PT111 G2. Despite the rest of Taurus' reputation, this model seems to be doing quite well.
Some people like them, just never met one.

My brother did have a hipoint carbine. Said it was great and that he regrets selling it. I bought him a bump stock for his AR to ease his pain. Now I wish I had bought twenty of them.
(09-17-2017, 05:52 PM)JackRock Wrote: [ -> ]

That's a pretty funny video. Never owned one myself.
lol..this video is great!
I never realized just how versatile they could be.