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Full Version: The Appleseed Project
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Learn to be a rifleman !
Did you see the write-up from Massad Ayoob? He went to a full Appleseed and really enjoyed it.
I'll be attending the Appleseed this October 27-28th at Frontier's Fountain range. If anyone has been thinking of attending one of these, signup and we can put some faces with names!

PDF for Appleseed at the Frontier Fountain range, October 27th-28th.

Signup and information.

i'm holding out to do it at the whittington center
I'm attending the one in Byers, CO November 17-18.
I guess I should give a trip report on mine!

In a word, it was awesome!

I’m a longtime handgun competitor, but never got into rifles. Recently dinked around with a couple and decided I wanted to get better, so I attended an Appleseed last weekend. I was expecting good instruction, but that’s not what I got. I got EXCELLENT instruction! Groups shrunk quite a bit as I learned to use the sling, improve my natural point of aim, etc. My standing to sitting sucked, which is probably what kept me from earning my rifleman patch.

Even if you’ve “been shooting a rifle all your life” you will still learn a lot. The instructors are very good and they have plenty of time to work one on one with the students. After the class on a second day, one instructor and one student brought out their M1s for us to try. I hated the gun so much I ordered mine from the CMP yesterday :)

Going to the Whittington Center for a class sounds like an excellent idea, might have to do that for my next run at rifleman!