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Estate Inheritance Lot - GUN POWDER ++
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I inherited a bunch of reload components from my Uncle, who was an avid reloader. He took great care of all of his gun stuff, so everything is in good condition. I am listing all of the gunpowder for sale on this thread, and cross posting the brass, lead, primers, and accessories for sale in other threads. I am not super saavy with pricing out gun stuff but this community seems to look out for each other to not get low balled.

Please make me your best offer on some or all of the list below, as well as all of the other components that might work well together.

5lbs 9oz - WC820 Pistol Ball Powder, Lot 47277
8lbs 8oz - WC820 Pistol Ball Powder, Lot 47277
7lbs 7oz - IMR4895, Lot A209 TWL 92430
2lbs 8oz - IMR4895, Lot A209 TWL 92430
8lbs 5oz - IMR4895, Lot 48468
8lbs 4oz - IMR4895, Lot 48468
6lbs 12oz - 4895 equivelant military surplus
6lbs 4oz - HP-38-WC231
3lbs 11oz - IMR4320 Smokeless Powder
3lbs 5oz - Winchester Ball Powder 296
1lbs 14o - IMR 4831
1lbs 10oz - FFFg Superfine Black Rifle Powder
1lbs 10oz - Alliant Reloader 22 Smokeless Magnum Rifle
2lbs 5oz - Alliant Reloader 19 Smoke Heavy Rifle
1lbs 11oz - Winchester Ball Powder 231
6oz - Hercules Bullseye Smokeless Pistol
12oz - Hodgdon H335 Rifle
15oz - IMR4350 Smokeless
1lbs 3oz - Ramshot Magnum Rifle
15oz - Hodgdon H380 Rifle
6oz - Dupont IMR3031 Improved Military Rifle
12oz - IMR4227 Smokeless
1lbs - X-truded by Accurate XMR3100 Smokeless
1lbs 2oz - Pyrodex Muzzle Loading RS (FFG Equivelant)
8oz - Hercules 2400 Smokeless Rifle

Dropbox folder with tons of pics of containers on weight scale

Cash Only! Local pickup in Colorado Springs. See attached photos and text or message me with any questions.

Other Estate Sale items:

New/Used Brass
Ammo Cans
NIB Ammunition

Thanks for looking!


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