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Javier Ojeda
Javier Ojeda achieved his first musical successes with the Danza Invisible group, which he entered at the beginning of 1982. Since then he became his visible head and he got 7 gold and two platinum albums, wozz2do with at least 10 extreme singles popularity. The year 2000 saw Javier Ojeda start his solo career while continuing with his work leading Danza Invisible. From this moment to the present day, the wind has continued to grow, combining his successes with Dance along with tireless creative work alone, with increasing media coverage.

It has been described as "a reference in national music, an example of talent, tenacity and human closeness" and its peculiar modes on stage have won him followers in several Spanish-speaking countries. His style is able to fuse the wildest rock with the most heartbreaking ballad, along with the flavor of the old Latin crooners.

This style has been reflected in his four solo albums so far with which he has achieved a great critical recognition and an increasing attention to his career as an artist in his own right.

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