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hidden gun closet
so I have this hole at the end of my hallway between two bedroom doors, put there by my daughters tantrum, well I was looking at the hole I have to patch, and started thinking..."man that would make a cool gun stash" if I narrowed my daughters closet by 12-15 inches, creating a void and made an in the wall nicnac shelf that matched the existing trim, to hide the little room behind it. one that sits into the wall, but is either hinged or a lift and tip type feature, with some kind of hidden opening feature. my main thing is to hide most of my guns from potential burglaries if they happen while Im gone, by trickery. also hiding any other indicators of owning firearms too. what you guys think of this, has anyone done it on here, and you have any advice?
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It sounds like that should work. I don't know anybody that has done that, but I know a couple people that have enclosed/finished off the area under a stairwell for the same purpose. As long as your access point isn't easily seen by a burglar, it should work.
I actually have a couple places to do that, and they dont throw the dimensions of the house off by much, making it look as though the house is normal, I mean who is gonna measure the inside diameter of a closet or hallway junction with a tape measure when they are in a hurry to get in and outa there?Dunno
"Rock, Paper, CHUCK NORRIS! I win"
i love me some hiding places , just remember velcro is your friend when constructing
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I know someone who has a similar hidden gun closet, using paneling and velcro on the back side - sticks it up to cover hide a closet door, puts a bookshelf back in front of that - can't even tell anything is behind it. Works very well.


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