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Pay It Forward!
Wasn't sure where to post it... Mods, please feel free to move it if needed.

Here is the deal, i have some free stuff to the first member who claims it.
As soon as you get the stuff - it's yours, you wanna sell it-sell it, you wanna throw it away-whatever! It's YOUR STUFF NOW.
There're, however, a couple of things that I'm asking you to do:
The time and place where we meet has to be convenient for me.
If you take something here - you HAVE To giveaway some stuff too.

So, let's pay it forward!

I've got some plastic ammo trays/storage boxes (50rds and 100rds). I'm not sure how many of them I have, but at least 4-5 of them + if i find some more. I used to store 9mm in them, they might fit .40 as well but I'm not sure.
Free to whoever post "I'll take it " here first.
"The more you know - the less you need."
what a great idea Bacondance
When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not your friend.
Gun locks many of them.
Phoenix Firearms Training
(10-18-2011, 06:16 PM)whiskeyjack Wrote: Gun locks many of them.
you and everybody else LMAO

where do they all come from Dunno

When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not your friend.
"The more you know - the less you need."
Have some 7.62X39 blank ammo, will give away to whoever wants it. Ftf Aurora.
"The more you know - the less you need."
Ernie Hill Speed Leather Turbo Express System.

Bunch of screws with knobs for easy adjustment for anyone who still has a Ernie Hill Speed Leather competition holster -- which would be a collector's item at this point!

Colorado Springs.

I visited the NRA Museum a couple weeks ago and went to the NRA store across the hall and grabbed some stickers. The wrong stickers it turns out. I've got two surface and two inside-the-glass Patron member stickers.

Any or all free to any NRA Patron member.

When seconds count, the police are mere minutes away...
They'll never take your "hunting rifle", they'll call it a "sniper rifle" first.
Gun registration is gun confiscation in slow motion.
Zero failures comes at infinite cost.
You are the FIRST responder. Police, fire and medical are SECOND responders.
By eliminating fear of guns you'll put fear back in criminals.

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