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The State of Colorado...
#1 cleaning out my wallet! Just renewed my vehicle registration and teaching license. Car registration goes up every year. Pretty sure White Lightning (1995 Plymouth Neon which was totaled in 2008) isn't even worth what I pay for new tags. And when I graduated college in 2009, it cost me $60 to apply for my teaching license. It just cost me $80 to renew it. Good thing my new job starts next week!

Just had to vent my frustrations with Colorado's rising fees. I'm sure you all are feeling the pain too.
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I feel your pain big guy............. I believe it was Hickenlooper that you can thank for "not taxing" us and instead adding "new (bogus) fees" to the licensing process.
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I have to register new tags on a van, a truck and a bike. Not looking forward to it.
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When in doubt. JFC.

and then they wonder why no one is buying new cars
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(03-20-2012, 04:20 PM)Byte Stryke Wrote: and then they wonder why no one is buying new cars

Good point..... But if that was the only thing keeping me from buying an over priced car that only lasts 5 years before major repairs were needed (if that)..... I might buy one again. ;-)
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